when you shouldn’t be good

So, a quick story…. I am at an amazing Mexican restaurant (Playa Cabana) in Toronto with my friend, Ben Baldwin and during a rant he says to me, “often, it’s more important to be right than good.” I’m like huh…it’s more important to be right than good? I ask him to clarify because it is really loud and I am not sure I heard him correctly. I lean in to learn he doesn’t mean “right” as in the opposite of wrong, but what’s right for what the customer or your audience wants. And “good” doesn’t matter if the customer doesn’t think they need it. Following now? I wasn’t… I’m barely hearing him because it’s really loud in this cramped taco joint and two women are making out at the table next to me (true story). I probe further, gather more info and understand now he meant often you need to hit on expectations otherwise it doesn’t matter how good you are.  I finally clue in and paraphrase. “often, it’s more important to give someone exactly what they expect than try and be fancy by over delivering.”