How Narrow Can You Go?

How narrow can you go?

Can you focus in on a segment of people with extreme opinions on the same subject while forgetting the rest?

Will you choose to focus on the coalition of the willing?

If this is a change, if you’ve been focusing on a wide audience with only a thread tying them together, you might be afraid of this strategy. But, if you need to water down your story to appeal to everyone, it will appeal to no one.

This is a tough choice for many because they believe “my product is for millennials” or “we’ve built something for any small business owner” or “we are focused on moms” is already narrow. But it’s not.

When you go narrow and seek out those with a very strong opinion it might feel too small, it’s simply not. You’ll potentially meet with resistance from advisors , stakeholders or your ego. The right answer doesn’t matter very much when it comes to making change and you can’t make the change you seek when you’re blocked by people who say ‘no’ for a living.

Go narrow, focus on a like minded group with an extreme opinion and build something for them.

No tough choices means no progress.