It boggles my mind that there is no follow up after a consumer uses a Groupon or any other of the deal sites’ coupons. The business is giving up 75% of their regular price (50% to the consumer, 25% to the aggregator) so they are (most of the time) losing money on the single transaction. You would think (…seems obvious to me) they would want to put in place some type of follow up process to turn the consumer (who is testing the product or service) into a repeat customer. But of the 30+ Groupons and Living Social group buys I have purchased never has the business followed up with me. I buy a car detailing Groupon for $25 (a $100 value), the company comes to my house, cleans my car for 2 hours, then drives away and I never hear from them again. I was their most expensive customer acquisition ever and they never contact me again to turn me into the most valuable customer anyone could hope for…a repeat customer. Groupon, Living Social and the others are to blame also, why are they not helping these businesses with a follow up process?