How I helped my hair stylist double her business

Over the past few months I have helped my hair stylist create a simple and easy to execute sales, service and marketing plan.

Here is what she is doing.

1. Each client has a picture taken of their final cut, colour etc. These pictures are stored on her iphone using iphoto so she has folders by client. Ahead of each appointment she emails the client the results of their last appointment asking them to think about what they want to do with their hair during the upcoming appointment. She is creating a database of customer’s hair styles. She also asks them what they want to drink so it is ready when they arrive.

2. Clients can now book a year’s worth of appointments for a 20% discount. At minimum she books in their next two appointments before they leave from the current one. Saves time, increases revenue.

3. She is using Square to accept payment on her iPhone reducing check out time.

4. She updates her Facebook page with quick videos on hair styles, tricks of the trade (ie dealing with dry winter hair, frizzy summer hair, dealing with one side burn that grows faster than the other etc.)

5. Her entire schedule is on line so clients, who have not bought into the year package can see her availability, no back and forth on the phone.

5 quick and what seemd obvious ideas to boost business. Low cost, high impact, that is what it is all about.