Four people I miss

I miss the guy who sold me my car in December 2012. He was nice enough to write me a follow up letter in January. Frankly it kind of felt like a form letter, but it was nice of him, after all he did sign it. I have not heard from him since.

I miss my travel agent who I used to book over 20 trips a year with. I stopped traveling last year. I never really explained this to her. I just stopped calling her. Maybe she is mad at me. Women get that way when you do not call them.

I miss my personal trainer. She helped me stay fit. I just decided I didn’t want to spend the money anymore and I would figure out my own routine. I wonder if she knows I haven’t created my own routine and that my back hurts. Maybe she is mad at me also.

I miss calling the concierge at American Express. The guy I got most of the time was Tejinder Chand. I called a lot. I can be needy. Some months I was spending tens of thousands on my American Express platinum card. Then I stopped spending and I stopped calling. I miss Tenjinder.

When my customers disappear I let them know I miss them, that they are important and I want them back. Don’t let your old customers wonder if you miss them.