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The four customer needs and the one way to deliver an outstanding customer experience

I genuinely believe that any business can create a competitive advantage through giving outstanding customer care.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

When I travel it can be stressful.

When I am planning a major purchase in can be scary.

When I try to sort out issues with my website it’s confusing.

When I can’t get my internet to work I get anxious.

Customers want and are willing to reward an experience that exceeds their expectations. It starts with understanding and being where the customer is, emotionally.

The organizations with the best customer service recognize that if they truly understand how their customers feel, they can deliver world class service that oozes empathy.

There is only one way to deliver this type of experience. It’s connecting on an emotional level and meeting the four needs of the customer’s heart.

The customer’s heart needs four things:

Attention – Customers need to feel they are the centre of your attention, a simple statement such as, “you have 100% of my attention” will send a cue that your empathy antenna is up and ready to receive. I recently had a server in a restaurant say, “right away!” in response to my drink order. He made me feel like I was his only customer.

Affection – Customers need to feel love. Affection is a genuine smile that can even be felt through the phone or via an online chat. They are saying, “I am here to help you because I want you to be 100% satisfied.”

Appreciation – Customers need to feel acknowledgment. A pre-recorded announcement such as, “thanks for flying the friendly skies” is not what I am talking about. The heart lights up when it feels appreciation because the release of dopamine into the nervous system. Appreciation can come in the form of an email, a tweet like this one I sent to United, a handwritten note, a phone call or a gift.

Acceptance – Embracing who the customer is and accepting them for who they are is the final and possibly most important need of the customer’s heart. Acceptance ensures you are connecting on an emotional level with another human being. You will deal with angry, bitter, frightened and emotional customers. Acceptance is not judging them, it’s embracing where they are at and focusing on the challenge or opportunity.

When you connect on an emotional level with your customer and meet the four needs of their heart you will be rewarded.


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