There’s a lot of noise out there. People are inundated with products, thought leadership, and information all targeted directly and personally to them through email, retargeting ads, advertising on social media, and video. There’s no magic bullet, but if you are in it for the long haul it’s essential to stand out and recognize even the smallest touch point plays a part in the decision to engage or disengage with your brand. Here are five 5 ways to connect with your clients that you’re probably not taking advantage of.

Spotify Playlists

Music is the ultimate emotional connection. Millions of people are on Spotify but only a handful of brands leverage Spotify to strengthen their brand and they are making this emotional connection for free.


When you walk into Forever 21 the music is carefully curated to create a young, fun atmosphere, when clients call Shopify they sometimes ask to be put back on hold because of the music. There’s a great opportunity to create an emotional connection with prospects and clients by giving them curated playlists for free.

Many of us create and share playlists with friends, smart marketers are doing this as a brand. Imagine your clients and prospects thinking of you every time they play your ‘on my way to work’ playlist or your company’s ‘TGIF’ playlist. You could create a Valentine’s Day playlist, a back-to-school playlist, and of course an Alice Cooper inspired Halloween playlist. This is dead simple, it’s free, and your competition is not doing it.

Check out my morning routine playlist and my chilling out Sunday afternoon playlistHere’s a post from Spotify on best practices.


Email Signature

Every email you send is an opportunity for you or your company to differentiate itself and connect with the person you’re emailing. You already have a connection with this person if you’re emailing them – or you’re working on developing one – so why not give them insight into you and your company? And I’m not talking about having a link to your Facebook page and suggesting the reader like you on Facebook, those are the type of signatures that make me what to rip my face off.

Your signature should change monthly if not weekly. Try to include a link to a song you’ve been rocking out to lately or telling everyone about a book you can’t put down or your new go-to recipe site. I don’t need your LinkedIn profile (do you actually think people click on that?), I need you to add value and show me you are creative. Again, dead easy and highly impactful.

Contact Us Page

Holy crap there are a lot of bad contact us pages out there. Odd, considering this is the page people visit in order to… contact you. You should think of this page the same way you think of a prospect walking in the front door of your office, they are proactively contacting you.




Somehow the design of this important page is left until the end. I think marketers are often run down from the process of creating the home and product pages and give little thought to how many people actually visit this page. Make it dead simple to get in contact with you. Don’t make them fill out a 10 field form – this is the equivalent of making them jump through hoops.

Again, have fun, be creative, stand out. Your contact us page is a place where you want to reinforce your value proposition, what you stand for and why you are a rock star. Take this page seriously and remember it’s a branding opportunity you should take advantage of.




20 percent of the Instagram accounts I’m following are businesses. I chose to do this. I seek out products, services, and brands that align with my interests. Instagram is an opportunity for you to reinforce what you stand for, not for selling products – that will be the by product. Tito Vodka has a separate account called vodka for dog people with a focus on ending homelessness of pets and Wow Airline’s brand oozes through your phone from their Instagram posts.

The key to a great Instagram account for a company is three fold:
Be consistent, post everyday or the same day every week, it can’t be random.
Choose one filter and stick with it, again it’s about consistency.
Finally, take the time to include well thought out copy. After all, you have the attention of someone who opted in.

Google’s My Business

This is Google Places evolved. Again, this is your brand, so take control! Where do people go in order to find you first? Most likely Google. It amazes me how many businesses have not set themselves up properly on Google using My Business. When you come up in a search how do you want to be represented, what information do you want to appear, what pictures do you want to display? It’s simple and you control what people see and read.


The place where people ask questions and the crowd answers them.


What’s the difference between LED and halogen bulbs?
What are the best restaurants in Barcelona?
What are the risks of laser eye surgery?
What’s the best CRM for e-commerce?

The real question is why aren’t you answering questions on Quora? It’s an easy way for you to establish yourself or your brand as a thought leader. All of the above questions are real questions I found on Quora and all provide an opportunity for a brand to respond and create value without directly selling their product or service.


Did I miss any super simple branding opportunities people don’t take advantage of? Leave them in the comments.