Don’t make your customers resent you

I know resentment can make you sick. That’s why I always strive to keep my customers happy by ensuring they do not resent anything we do.

I resent when a restaurant does not have a Dyson Air Blade to dry my hands.

I resent when I rent a car in the winter and the car rental company has a basic plastic scraper and not a snow brush.

I resent when a taxi is dirty and smelly.

I resent when I fill out an on line form and it asks me the same questions (why am I filling out my address for a third time?) Maybe it’s for a different purpose, but don’t make me repeat details I have already filled in.

Are you making your customers resent you because you don’t put yourself in their shoes? Become your customer and experience your service first hand as a client.  Have your customers passionately choose you and resent your competition. Resentment makes us sick, do you want to make your customer’s sick?