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3 ways to disrupt an industry

I’ve been observing companies disrupting industries for years. In this time I’ve noticed 3 things that set companies apart  that win when disrupting, versus just being a minor annoyance to incumbents.   1. They enter as a new player, they were not in the industry before. Most importantly, they do not hire from within the […]

How about "I don't care what your policy is…in fact no one cares." This one is beyond obvious but people still do it. "I am sorry but it is our company policy…." If you have to say "sorry" before you say something…. well then it is obviously not something anyone wants to hear. No one […]

Inventing Desire?

Here is a picture from the front of an advertising agency’s building in Toronto. Inventing Desire? Really? This shines a light on exactly what is wrong with marketers (which I consider myself one of). Why invent desire? Seems obvious to me that what you want to do, in order to create long term customers is […]