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How to be a BAD ASS CEO

There’s a tremendous number of good leaders out there. There’s also a lot of ‘exceptional’ leaders. But there’s just a handful of totally BAD ASS leaders. I’m talking Hugh Jackman as Wolverine bad ass. Richard Branson, Clint Eastwood, Evel Knievel, Satya Twena, Pierre Trudeau or Daniel Craig – that kind of bad ass. No obstacle […]

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YOU CAN’T PEE FOR FREE and other signs you are dealing with a clueless business

The first sign – they actually discourage prospects from trying their product or experiencing their service. A classic example is “restrooms are for customers only”. Why would you want to discourage people from coming into your establishment and seeing it, experiencing the atmosphere? Most businesses spend thousands of dollars to get prospects to visit in one form or another. If […]

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Every story needs a bad guy

Stories have been shared in every culture throughout the history of civilization as a means of entertainment, education and cultural preservation. Sometimes it’s all three. Stories have been carved, painted, printed or inked onto wood, bone, pottery, clay, stone, leaves, skins, bark, cloth, paper, silk, and other textiles. Most recently, stories are recorded on film […]