The article I was afraid to publish

In 2014 I published 45 articles. One a week with a few weeks off during the summer. It’s a challenge to consistently produce an article every week that I am proud of. Ensuring that my subscribers have a valuable piece of content in their inbox every Saturday morning pushes me like an athlete training for competition. Some posts are better than others, but I’ve learned not to get hung up on trying to outdo myself each week, it’s more important to focus on getting the work published because the more we practice the better we get.

Supporting the idea that sensational subject lines sell, my highest open rate was THREE PEOPLE THAT MADE ME WANT TO RIP MY FACE OFF. It was also one of my most shared posts. I really do enjoy ranting on customer service and how easy it actually is to deliver on a consumer’s needs.

Earlier this year my post on THREE THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU GET LONELY blew up more than I anticipated. There’s something in loneliness that everyone can to relate to. The hard cold truth is that you can’t avoid being lonely if you’re making any kind of difference in this world.

THE ULTIMATE CHEAT SHEET TO OUTSOURCING YOUR LIFE AND PRODUCTIVITY was my most shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It was also my most researched post (which I of course outsourced).

HOW I RE-INVENTED, RE-BRANDED AND RE-LAUNCHED MYSELF was my second ebook this year. I can attribute the most number of new subscribers to this ebook.

NINE THINGS THEY DON’T TEACH YOU IN BUSINESS SCHOOL was a lot of fun to write and was my third highest rated of the year.

And here is the article I was afraid to publish.