A sales guy, a marketing girl and an advocate walk into a bar

what’ll you have?” asks the handsome bartender.

I want leads. Good leads! Not these crappy, unqualified leads she keeps giving me.” says the sales guy while motioning towards the marketing girl.

The bartender looks the sales guy up and down and turns to the marketing girl. “Um, ok…what about you babe, what are you having tonight?

I need more budget! Creating content is all the rage and I need to create more so we can fill people’s inboxes with more advertising disguised as industry research papers. Oh, and I need LOTS of budget because we need to do video. YES VIDEO BLOGS!!! Where I  make our company executives into thought leaders.”

“Ugh, stop filling my prospect’s news feeds and mailboxes up with the same crap our competitors are sending them. We need to stand out.” blurts out the sales guy.

“Why don’t you stop costing the company so much money with your high commissions, travel costs and entertainment budget.” retorts the marketing girl.

At this point the bartender is very confused, somewhat annoyed and apprehensive to even ask the other guy what he wants. But he figures, it’s a slow night, why not, this could be entertaining. So he asks the advocate, who is wearing a bright yellow shirt, “Ok, buddy, what about you, what will you have?

Just help me tell the people that trust me how much I like your bar. You don’t even need to pay me.


Bombarded doesn’t even come close to describing how people feel everyday when they open up their email, Facebook, Twitter or any web page frankly. Eyes darting from one corner to the next, trying to decide what to read, what to delete, what to file for later. But what does stand out is a message from someone we trust. Someone businesses refer to as an advocate. The best part is advocates often do the job for free.

Today’s market place, more than ever, requires advocates shouting your praises.

Trust trumps price. Trust accelerates time to purchase. And trust doesn’t cost a lot.