4 ways to brand and make your meeting notices memorable.







1. Don’t make the name of the meeting; “meeting with Craig” if your meeting is with Craig. Guess what? That’s how it shows up in my calendar. I have a hard enough time getting through my day as it is and I get confused when I see I have a meeting with myself. Make the subject line exciting, unique and something that everyone is eager to attend. At minimum include in the subject line your own name.


2. Include additional valuable information. Where’s the closest parking lot or Starbucks. What about sharing where the washroom in your building is for those meetings at your office. 57% of people ask a receptionist the location of the rest room upon arriving*.

3. Include the objective of the meeting. ” this meeting will have been a success if the following is accomplished.”

4. Have an odd start time such as 10:17 and please, please don’t make meeting longer than 50 minutes.

Build credibility and stand out from the crowd. This is an easy opportunity to be remembered and that is what great branding achieves.


*72% of all facts are made up