4 traits of a modern leader





Whether at work or in your personal life you will notice that great leaders of today are not made up of the same DNA as leaders of the past. My observations of today’s leaders who get things done and make shit happen point to four main attributes.

Flexibility – they adapt, they listen, they are willing to be wrong and they are flexible like Gumby. They are willing to pivot, even if the pivot says they were wrong originally. Flexibility is part of the destruction of hierarchy.

Authenticity – They are genuine. You do not question that their intentions are for anything, but the greater good of the “project”. They ooze trust and they walk their talk.

Vulnerability – today’s great leaders are not afraid to be weak because they know that showing their softer side or admitting they are scared only empowers their team….or their kids.

Transparency – a modern leader knows that when you hide things you only lose people’s trust. No one wants to be lead by someone who only shares “on a need to know basis”. It is nearly 2013, any leader who thinks they can keep secrets is living in the past. Today’s great leaders demonstrate transparency as one of the strongest pillars of modern leadership.